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1996 Wang Yen-nien NYC Workshop

Here are a few images from the 1996 workshop that we did with Master Wang, representing his first visit to New York City. He presented a Lecture on Yangjia Michuan in the “Little theater” at the West Side YMCA. Then, … Continue reading

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Yangjia Michuan Taiji and Music

If you have studied with Robert Politzer, our teacher and Fifth Generation Yangjia Michuan practitioner, you have heard him discuss the relationship of Taiji and Music, sometimes comparing the classical form that we study with the structure and dynamics of … Continue reading

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2006 April World Taiji Day

It was blustery and windy late April day of Taiji. Many of the ‘regulars” of that summer showed up to participate in the gathering of approximately 20 schools. Some of those pictured are Robert Simon, Robert Politzer, Jennifer Kim, George Vlachos, … Continue reading

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2006 – Central Park Class

Robert Politzer teaching Yangjia Michuan Taijiquan to a class in Central Park, August 2006. He demonstrates Roll Back / Lu and Ward Off / Peng, among other aspects of the form.

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1995 – Life in the Little Theater

Here are some early photographs recently scanned that show the 1995 New York City Yang Family Hidden Tradition Taiji class. Much thanks to Gretchen MacLane for pointing out that the photos were taken in 1995, probably during the winter/spring. The location was … Continue reading

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1996 – Wang Yen-nien Lecture Part one

In 1996 Master Wang Yen-nien and Julia Fairchild visited New York City for an extensive workshop that covered The First Duan, Meditation, and The 15 Basic Tuishou exercises. On Friday evening, the day before the start of the workshops, Master … Continue reading

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