1995 – Life in the Little Theater

Here are some early photographs recently scanned that show the 1995 New York City Yang Family Hidden Tradition Taiji class. Much thanks to Gretchen MacLane for pointing out that the photos were taken in 1995, probably during the winter/spring. The location was known as the “little theater”, and is now the main performance theater of the west side YMCA. This was our classroom for a couple of years. It had yet to be renovated and there was a nice little stage that we often practiced on. Members seen in the images include Robert Politzer, Charlie, Mike Stone, James Best, Lisa Birnbaum and, with their backs to us talking to Robert, George Vlachos and Gretchen MacLane. They are practicing section one of the three-part long form.

taiji 1994 Little Theater 1A taiji 1994 Little Theater 1B taiji 1994 Little Theater taiji 1994 Little Theater 1C

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