Yangjia Michuan Taiji and Music

If you have studied with Robert Politzer, our teacher and Fifth Generation Yangjia Michuan practitioner, you have heard him discuss the relationship of Taiji and Music, sometimes comparing the classical form that we study with the structure and dynamics of great classical music. Or by dropping a Grateful Dead reference. Turns out we have a number of musical members, including a founding member of the New York Yangjia Michuan School Jim Best. The band he is in, Superfecta, played a set of high energy original songs (and one by New York Master Lou Reed) on Saturday Evening, April 25 at the Mercury Lounge in NYC. And yes, that is our NYC school logo Jim is flashing 🙂

IMG_1760  IMG_1758 20150425_194828

Robert Politzer is part of a cool organization called The Village Green that is all about sustainability and Green Business. They had a big event coming up on April 30, 2015 that included a set by the Village Green Band, in which Robert and his band mates do songs by the Grateful Dead and others.

VGreen small
 It was a special evening event of fun, entertainment, camaraderie and networking!
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