Happy Taiji New Year for 2023

Hi all,

Happy New Year to all the YMT family of teachers and students!

The West Side YMCA classes will meet for a final time this year on Saturday for the beginner’s class and then some informal first duan in the mind body studio.

Am happy to say that the Y is giving a chance to expand the Saturday class. Attendance for both classes going forward will determine if we get to keep the new hours. 

Starting Jan 7 2023, the schedule for the Saturday morning class will be:

Beginners and Intermediate
9am to 9:55am
Group Exercise Studio (The big room)

Intermediate (Beginners welcome to follow along)
10am to 10:45am
Mind Body Studio (The small room)

Tom C.


Here is a link to the Yangjia Michuan Taiji study aids I put up 9 years ago – including a few updates.

And here is a link with some articles about Taiji and Health.

And here is a link to a small selection of books that I have enjoyed about Taiji history and practice.

And here is a link to Gretchen MacLane’s article about Yangjia Michuan Taijiquan in NYC. Gretchen was one of the founding members of the New York YMT Group and, along with Arnold Baker and myself, one of the first teachers to come from Robert Politzer’s 1994 class at the YMCA.

Moving through Space with Grace and Balance.

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