Some articles about Taiji and Health

Two of our students sent a link to a recent article in the New York Times about Balance and Taiji. This continues a consistent series of positive studies demonstrating the relationship between exercise (and taiji in particular) and health. Below is a link to the NYTimes article and a few others as well. And there is a short article about Wang Yen-nien, the fourth generation master of Yangjia Michuan, at the bottom of the list.

What are the Health Benefits of Tai Chi?


Try tai chi to improve balance, avoid falls


Tai Chi and Postural Stability in Patients with Parkinson’s Disease


Tai Chi Helps Parkinson’s Patients


Tai Chi Chuan optimizes the… human brain architecture in older adults.


The Master of a Generation: A Short Biography of Wang Yen-nien (1914-2008)


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