2001 – Baker Camp Yangjia Michuan Taiji Workshops

The New York Yangjia Michuan School has held a series of workshops, beginning in the mid-1990’s, in various locations. In the late summer of 2001 the group held a workshop at Baker Camp, North of New York City, that was heavily attended. It included work with the taiji staff and push hands exercises. Some of the folks in the photographs are Mike Basdavanos, Robert Politzer, John Rapoport, Arnold C. Baker II, Thomas W. Campbell, Chris Nelson, Charles Adamec, George Vlachos, and Marthe Keller.

Photographs by Holly Leavy.

Robert John Charlie staff Baker 8-2015 Chris N Baker 8-2015 Mike B Baker 8-2015 Tom C staff Baker 8-2015 Charlie A. staff Baker 8-2015 Arnold B Staff Baker 8-2015

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