A Year of Virtual Taiji (April 2020 to May 2021)

May 8, 2021.
Here is the video of our last official virtual class together. The date on the video is wrong – it is May 8, 2021. It does not include leg massages. It does include Intros, Basic Exercises, 13 postures, First Duan, and some discussion of a section of the First Duan. I moved the First Duan discussion to the end so that 13 postures and First Duan flow together.

Big thanks to Robert Politzer and Master Wang Yen-nien for their teaching and inspiration, to our fellow teachers Arnold Baker, Gretchen MacLane, Ilana Shienman, and Lisa Birnbaum and to Bob Kinkel for all of his invaluable help. And to all of the “West Side Y” Class – past and present – for being such a great group! Enjoy – feel free to contact me @ tomwc@me.com

Thomas W. Campbell

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