Taiji in the Park July 17 2021

We’ve continued to teach and practice Yangjia Michuan Taiji together and are all working together to help get through this. Robert continues to teach his virtual meditation taiji class on Monday evenings, Lisa is meeting folks in Central Park for an informal practice on Wednesday afternoons and the Saturday 8:45 in the park is still happening on a weekly basis.

Here is a recent group shot inspired by Melba’s trip back to NYC and below is a lovely note she sent to all of us.

Stay healthy and keep practicing taiji.

Dear Tom, Robert, Arnold, Alana, Lisa and all of my dear YMCA family. 

I am very happy living in beautiful Ft Lauderdale where I hope all of you will visit me sometime in the future. 

When I started my massage therapy degree program in 2015, a couple of my professors encouraged all the students to learn Tai Chi. They explained how learning Tai Chi willhelp us train our bodies to utilize all of the massage therapy techniques without causing harm to our own bodies. We learned how to move and balance ourselves between the natural opposing forces of yin and yang and the external elements of earth, fire, water, wood, and metal.

At first I cringed at the idea of being in a class at 9 am on a Saturday. So I went to Robert’s Tai Chi class on a Wednesday to check it out.  I was immediately mesmerized  by the meditative unison of the instructor and the students. It was the advanced class so naturally there was no way I could follow along. But something in my whole being told me I had to learn this. So I showed up to Tom’s beginners class on a Saturday morning and felt like a cat or a dog chasing my tail as I struggled to follow the group. I was so relieved when I was sent to the the other side of the room where Alana was teaching the newbies. Then I started going to the Monday night classes and the Wednesday classes. Whatever class I was in I made sure to stand right behind the instructor.  I was determined to learn this. My professors were correct. It made my course of study easier in so many ways.  I was so grateful to simultaneously learn not only the practice, but also about the principles of Tai Chi. What I was learning in Tai Chi were fundamentals of the massage therapy program.

Some of you are dear friends, some were my clients and I am forever grateful to the incredible instructors I had the honor of learning this practice. I hold your commitment in reverence. Tom, thank you for doing the virtual classes during this awful pandemic. For me it was such a blessing. Thank you Lisa, Robert and Bob for the weekday classes. 

Thank you Tom for the video. I promise to practice as often as I can. It will be a lifetime part of my overall wellness regimen.

I miss all of you dearly. Whenever I travel to NY I will be sure to come to class. I do hope you will consider visiting me. It will be great watching the sun and the moon rise over the ocean with you.
With all my heart, 

Namaste 🙏🏽 Melba 

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