Taiji in Strasbourg – 1995

In the summer of 1995 a large group of the original members of the New York City YMT group traveled to Strasbourg, France to participate in an international gathering of Yangjia Michuan students and teachers. Wang Yen-nien, fourth generation master of the system, led the workshops and events. Julia Fairchild, Christian Bernapel and numerous other veteran teachers were among those in attendance. We had all begun practicing with Robert Politzer less than two year prior so it was a heady and exciting experience.
Thanks to Arnold C. Baker II for supplying the pictures.

Strasbourg Taiji Group with WYN v2

James Best, Robert Politzer, Wang Yen-nien, Gretchen MacLane, Lisa Birnbaum, Thomas W. Campbell, Arnold C Baker II, George Vlachos and Mike Stone. Strasbourg, France Yangjia Michuan Taiji Gathering and Workshops. Summer 1995.

March 2017 UPDATE:

Here is a short list of questions that I found in my European notebook from the summer of 1995. (I believe a number of us put our heads together for these as they are in different hand writing).

Questions for Master Wang

1) At a recent “push-hands” tournament every player (Mainly New-Yang players) began with their weight on the front leg. We have been taught to be more centered on the back leg. Why or how has this difference emerged?

2) What is the relationship between hardness and softness in our style? In push hands?

3) Please explain the legwork in “tai” (“cai” / “drag down”).

4) Please explain the front leg pivot in “monkey retreats”… most notably whether or not we pivot on the heel or toe.

5) in “Right, turn, tame the tiger” I am having trouble accomplishing the move with consistency. What are the important points that I should be looking at and considering?

6) During ”Hit the tiger” in section two, is the entire move performed facing the diagonal?

Arnold B Strasbourgh Taiji 1995

Arnold C Baker II enjoying the French Cityscape.

Strasbourg taiji Tom C Cafe V2

Social hour for the taiji crowd.

WYN leaves floor Strasbourgh taiji

Wang Yen-nien steps off the mattes after a demonstration to students and teachers. Julia Fairchild is also seen, as is Luc Defago, to the right.

Strasbourg taiji Arnold and Tom v2

Arnie Baker and Tom Campbell begin the Ba Fa sequence, among an international group.

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